Mustang cobra gt shelby

images mustang cobra gt shelby

The GT's trunk, at 14 cubic feet, is significantly larger than the Camaro's 9 cubic feetbut slightly smaller than the Challenger's 16 cubic feet. The Terlingua features improvements to the handling with Ford Racing components, and improved braking capabilities that included Baer brakes. The Super Snake includes special CSM badging, Shelby floor mats, sill plates, a dash-mounted gauge pod made from carbon fiber and stuffed with AutoMeter gauges, Ford Performance short-throw shifter, an upholstery upgrade, racing seats, five-point racing harnesses, Shelby valve covers, and a carbon-fiber latch cover. With the same tread pattern as the Eagle F1 Supercar tire on the — GT they can only be identified by a unique Goodyear "Wingedfoot" emblem on the sidewall. SVT re-tuned the coupe's suspension and worked with Goodyear on 19" tires with new construction, compound and tread pattern.

  • Ford® Mustang Shelby GT Sports Car Model Details
  • Ford Mustang Shelby GT Priced Below $74K, Can Surpass $K
  • Ford® Mustang Shelby GT® Sports Car Model Details

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    Fast International Shipping Is Available. Shelby Cobra GT The Shelby G.T. was the first model built in the Shelby.

    images mustang cobra gt shelby

    Shelby G.T y Cobra G.T Ford Shelby Mustang GT Fastback.
    During my short time with the GT, I never felt overwhelmed with power when driving it on city streets. August 5, The standard package also included a Barton short shifter.

    images mustang cobra gt shelby

    SVT y Shelby anunciaron que 1. The Shelby Ecoboost includes a Ford Performance handling pack upgraded suspension. The engine breathes through a Kenne Bell 3.

    images mustang cobra gt shelby

    images mustang cobra gt shelby
    Coupe: A Performance package was also offered, adding two-mode adjustable Bilstein dampers and a Torsen limited-slip rear differential. November 21, January I found the exhaust note to be more expansive than just an explosive rumble.

    Ford® Mustang Shelby GT Sports Car Model Details

    The hood, rear panel and splitter were functional pieces for performance.

    Press here for more information on the Ford Mustang Shelby G T Engine1. wheel wrapped in leather and Alcantara® and sporting the Cobra® logo.

    The most powerful and fastest Mustang of all time --the Ford Shelby GT With a supercharged L V8 engine with dual-clutch transmission, the GT Ford has launched its configurator for the Mustang Shelby GT, and costs can top $ with all the option boxes checked.
    By OctoberFord took control over engineering and purchasing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Ford Mustang Shelby GT Priced Below $74K, Can Surpass $K

    Retrieved June 22, The GT makes speed effortlessly with equal parts brains and brawn, including a supercharged V-8 that hammers out horsepower, a quick-shifting seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, and magnetorheological dampers.

    The car was refined with a Ford Performance handling pack upgrade, engine tune and a throatier Ford Performance exhaust. With this performance car, Ford is punching up, appealing to entry-level Porsche and BMW buyers with sticker shock.

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    images mustang cobra gt shelby
    Mustang cobra gt shelby
    The interior of the Shelby GT had been overhauled to keep up with the latest trends. Other changes included special rear quarter-panel windows replacing the factory extractor vents, functional brake scoops on each side, and optional SelectShift 3-speed automaticas well as an optional Paxton supercharger.

    Ford® Mustang Shelby GT® Sports Car Model Details

    Archived from the original on April 14, This technology was initially patented and developed by inventors from Flame-Spray. Both models use the Cobra emblem, similar paint scheme, and the optional "Cobra" valve covers on many GTs that were part of a marketing tie-in by Shelby, as well as one of his iconic symbols. The tires are Michelin Pilot Super Sport wrapped.

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    1. The slight bump in power was achieved by fitting a Borla performance exhaust as well as engine tuning. It was a prototype of GT used as a track demonstrator vehicle; which ended up not being used that much as anticipated.