Journal crop management practices

images journal crop management practices

Chu, G. Article Google Scholar 17 Xu, X. Frontiers in Plant Science Google Scholar. References 1 Maclean, J. An improved crop management increases grain yield and nitrogen and water use efficiency in rice.

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  • Appropriate soil and crop management practices improve soil quality and crop productivity, through improved ecological and economical. Resistance to legume pod borer (Maruca vitrata Fabricius) in cowpea: genetic advances, challenges, and future prospects. Sodedji et al. Published online: Agronomy Journal - Crop Economics, Production, and Management Can Management Practices Enhance Corn Productivity in a Rye Cover.
    Data were analyzed following analysis of variance 35 and means of crop management treatments were compared based on the least significant difference test LSD at the 0.

    Article Google Scholar 10 Peng, X.

    A Nature Research Journal. The ICM treatment also had higher stems per m 2 than FP throughout the growing season except for the vegetative stage in the early-season rice in Supplementary Fig. Rice TodayJan-Mar.

    images journal crop management practices
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    Varieties were Liangyou for the early-season rice and Tianyouhuazhan for the late-season rice. Sink size of ICM was Growing period from flowering to maturity generally had lower average daily solar radiation than other growing periods. Zhou, Y.

    Beginning inApplied Turfgrass Science, Crop Management, and Forage & Grazinglands ceased publication as separate journals and combined to form a. Crop management practices for the safe use of salt-affected soils and saline water primarily .

    Australian Journal of Agricultural Research – CSIRO. Article (PDF Available) in Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 85(6) · July. adoption of crop improved management practices.
    Table 5 Seasonal solar radiation utilization for the early- and late-season rice in and Regmi, A.

    Food safety and rice production in China. Sign up to take part.

    images journal crop management practices

    Higher grain yield of late over early season was also due to higher sink size. Qin, J.

    images journal crop management practices
    Journal crop management practices
    Horie, T.

    images journal crop management practices

    Liangyou, a new two-line early cropping super hybrid rice combination with fine grain quality. Peltonen-Sainio stated that improved early season growth capacity supported good establishment for high interception of solar radiation, which, in turn, determines total plant biomass and grain yield Detailed dates of sowing, transplanting, and maturity were given in Supplementary Table 1. Interaction of a variety of constraints under irrigation resulted in below average yields.

    Improving food security through integrated crop and resource management in the rice-wheat system in Nepal.

    images journal crop management practices

    Ladha et al.

    Crop Management | Read articles with impact on ResearchGate, the Estimating Total Costs and Possible Returns from Precision Farming Practices. International Journal of Agronomy. Best pest management practices are not a component of crop insurance programs in North America. Other management practices such as planting methods and plant density, quality of seeds and seedlings, and irrigation regime can also affect.
    Conclusions Yield improvement of double-season rice with ICM was achieved with the combined effects of increased plant density and optimized nutrient management.

    Tissue N concentration was measured at maturity.

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    Download references. In the subtropical climates, rice can be grown up to two times per year on the same field. Yuan, L. In our study, ICM achieved a maximum grain yield of 9.

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    images journal crop management practices
    Table 6 Nitrogen uptake and utilization for the early- and late-season rice in and Download PDF. The opposite was true in the late-season rice from flowering to maturity. A review. Producing more grain with lower environmental costs.

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    1. Higher stem number per unit area was the prerequisite for higher panicle number at maturity in ICM.