Gargi sharma inrs associates

images gargi sharma inrs associates

Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. In the present work, we propose and demonstrate a new interferometric technique called cross-polarized spectral-domain interferometry CP-SDI. Marcello Ferrera attained his master degree in micro-electronic engineering in at University of Palermo Italy defending his thesis entitled: "Growth of ferroelectric thin films of barium strontium titanate by pulsed laser deposition and their morphological characterization". Frequency-domain interferometer for measurement of the polarization mode dispersion in single-mode optical fibers. Parabolic off-axis mirrors PMs guide the THz radiation to the detection crystal, where it spatially overlaps with the probe beam. The change in phase, which is proportional to the THz electric field, is manifested as a modulation in the intensity of the two polarization components of the optical probe pulse.

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  • Sehen Sie sich das Profil von Gargi Sharma auf LinkedIn an, dem weltweit größten beruflichen Netzwerk. 3 Jobs sind im Erfahren Sie mehr über die Kontakte von Gargi Sharma und über Jobs bei ähnlichen Unternehmen.

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    Université INRS. 上领英,在全球领先职业社交平台查看Gargi Sharma的职业档案。Gargi的职业档案列出了3 个职位。查看Gargi的完整档案,结识职场人脉和查看相似公司的职位。 Université INRS. 5 年9 个月 · Université INRS. Senior Associate at KPMG. Now a research associate in the University of Sussex, UK.

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    . Photonics team from tonow Professor at INRS-EMT, Canada. Gargi Sharma.
    Nonlinear Photonics. Sato, K. THz nonlinear spectroscopy of solids. Express 15, — May 18thth: Prof. The inset in Fig.

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    images gargi sharma inrs associates
    Gargi sharma inrs associates
    The resulting interference between the two component signals at the plane of the CCD camera can be expressed as 35 Here, in the group of Prof. Worth to note that- in contrast to common interferometric methods- in SDI the two separated pulses in time interfere as two waves with different frequencies beat in time domain.

    images gargi sharma inrs associates

    This new technique makes use of the birefringence in polarization maintaining PM single-mode optical fiber in order to measure the phase change due to the THz electric field. Since Januaryhe joined Prof.

    images gargi sharma inrs associates

    Katarzyna A. Welcome back, Joel!

    + 2. Gargi Sharma. Gargi Sharma.

    2. INRS-EMT, Advanced Laser Light Source, Université du Québec, boul. [email protected]). Gargi Sharma. Thèse présentée pour l'obtention The ALLS facility at INRS is a major contributor to the success of this work. I am thankful Amelie Auger.

    Akram Ibrahim,; Denis Férachou,; Gargi Sharma,; Kanwarpal to the technicians at the Advanced Laser Light Source (ALLS) -INRS-EMT.
    The new technique has a dynamic range that is 4 orders of magnitude higher than the conventional EOS technique, while maintaining comparable SNR. THz generation throughout this work was achieved via the tilted-pulse-front technique in a LiNbO 3 crystal 4142 pumped with 0. As ofhe is an independent consultant working for Prof.

    Express 17, — Vicarelli, L.

    images gargi sharma inrs associates
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    Part of the Nonlinear Photonics team from tonow emplyed at Thorlabs Inc.

    Then, we choose a common polarization direction that is neither of s- nor p- polarization by using, for example a polarizerto allow these two pulses to interfere. April Apr. Chandra S. Skip to main content. Smith and prof.

    1, JANUARY/FEBRUARY 5 Generation of Intense Terahertz Radiation via Optical Methods Franc¸ois Blanchard, Gargi Sharma, Luca Razzari, Xavier.

    Apr. 1: Keshav was promoted to Associate Professor. Congratulations!!. Aug 2nd-8th: Dr. Gargi Sharma (INRS-EMT, Quebec, Canada) visits Femto Unit. Orientation study of iron Phthalocyanine (FePc) thin films deposited on silicon and gold surfaces.

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    Jaspreet Singh1, R K Sharma1, U K Goutam1.
    She started her master study at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in and graduated in with M. Such remarkable progress has undoubtedly been accelerated by the incredible advances in both generating and detecting coherent THz radiation. The PM fiber also enables higher dynamic range since the interfering signals are generated after the detection crystal where as in the standard SDI technique, the interfering signals are generated before the detection crystal, limiting the scan length to the temporal thickness of the glass plate.

    Inhe obtained his Ph. In Januaryhe started his Ph. Furthermore, the new CP-SDI technique in THz measurement eliminates the limit in the temporal scan length- crucially required for any spectroscopic application- which was a drawback of the standard SDI technique 35 in THz detection due to limit imposed by the thickness of the glass plate, however in the new technique the PM fiber imposes no limit in the scan length.

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    Discussion The conventional EOS technique suffers from over-rotation, which was observed in our experiment design as well.

    images gargi sharma inrs associates
    Gargi sharma inrs associates
    Time-domain spectroscopy using coherent millimeter and sub-millimeter radiation also known as terahertz radiation is rapidly expanding its application, owing greatly to the remarkable advances in generating and detecting such radiation.

    The present technique is foreseen to have great impact on experiments such as linear terahertz spectroscopy of optically thick materials such as aqueous samples and nonlinear terahertz spectroscopy, where the higher dynamic range is crucial for proper interpretation of experimentally obtained results. Express 15, — The versatility of these techniques has been demonstrated in a wide range of applications in many disciplines, such as in spectroscopic imaging and tomography 12label-free genetic diagnostics and analysis 3biomolecular spectroscopy 4 and biomedical applications such as T-ray biosensor 5.

    Jason M. Chris Weber and his student Matthew for 6 weeks.

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    1. Off-resonance magnetization dynamics phase-locked to an intense phase-stable terahertz transient.

    2. Markelz, A. His research interests include studying semiconductors at intense THz field and novel metamaterial structures with linear and nonlinear schemes at THz frequencies.