Bilibili tv wiki borgen

images bilibili tv wiki borgen

Rachmat04 Template:Wikidata list "Listeria" Self-updating lists on wiki pages, to drive projects and show results. A lot of Wikidata workshops will take place during this event. You can discuss the right properties to describe files on Commonsto help moving on with Structured data on Commons Help improving the fight against vandalism with ORES Sixth birthday of Wikidata : it's time to think about what you'd like to organize in your area! Archived from the original on 23 March Does this look correct? Use single-camera Q or multiple-camera Q Three series, each comprising ten episodes, have been made. Sound Mix: Dolby Digital.

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  • Bilibili is a video sharing website themed around animation, comic, and game (​ACG) based in As a result, Bilibili switched to on 25 June Borgen is a Danish political drama television series created by Adam Price.

    It tells how Birgitte Nyborg, a minor centrist politician, becomes the first female Prime. TV | 58min | Drama | TV Series (–)​ A political drama about a prime minister's rise to power, and how power changes a prime minister.​ However, sexual indiscretions by both Hoxenhaven and Birgitte Nyborg force a confrontation with.
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    As a result, some features of are temporarily disabled: Wikidata's property suggester, Lua modules and parser functions calling by label instead of ID, search for the ArticlePlaceholder. We're still holding off roll-out to Commons, Cebuano, Waray-Waray and Armenian Wikipedia because of scalability concerns. Having read unfavorable opinions I just did not want to spoil the satisfaction which I felt on finishing the second one.

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    images bilibili tv wiki borgen

    images bilibili tv wiki borgen
    Bilibili tv wiki borgen
    Language: Danish.

    Follow the Money TV Series Iconclass code depicted in an artwork. Monolingual text. These geoshapes can be used to visualise query results e.

    This is an archive of past discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do. In April ARTE co-produced (with Astra satellite owner, SES) a live Ultra-​high-definition television broadcast of the Le Corsaire ballet from.

    ID, P · External identifier, identifier for an entry on for . identifier for a TV serie inBorgen 98, - . as supported by andGene Wiki. identifier for an anime or drama topic on bilibili, A Certain Scientific Railgun.
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    images bilibili tv wiki borgen
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    Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels.

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    Over the past years, as you know, Wikidata has grown a lot. Themes are Data, Discovery, Delivery. Retrieved 5 February Other Noteworthy Stuff You can help teaching ORES how to better detect vandalism HarvestTemplates is now compatible with EditGroups : you can easily revert any run that goes wrong even if it is not your own.

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    UTC, on Modèle:Channel; Upcoming: Wikidata workshop in London (​UK), April Newest database reports: list of episodes of Borgen author ID, subject identifier, bilibili ID, Historic Hotels of America ID.

    New tool based on Wikidata: Random TV episodes . Automatically Generating Wikipedia Info-boxes from Wikidata, by Tomás Sáez and Aidan Hogan Newest database reports: list of episodes of Borgen subject identifier, bilibili ID​, Historic Hotels of America ID, Historic Hotels Worldwide ID.

    + The first prime minister with a Linguistics PhD—Wikipedia on Arturs Krišjānis Kariņš: Youth League's Bilibili channel the other day when I came across this video. While watching the Danish show Borgen last night I noticed that K.
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    I can't tag the page for speedy deletion because Meta's abuse filter won't let me edit another user's page. In describing her relationship with the character, she said, "They liked to see a woman feeling guilty and I didn't like that Hello, a while ago you participated in a feedback round about a proposal how accidental clicks on the rollback link could be avoided.

    images bilibili tv wiki borgen

    Newest properties : General datatypes: has command line optionWolfram Language entity codetotal fertility ratedevelopment of anatomical structureresearch interventionpermitted food additivemaximum food additive use level External identifiers: TheTVDB.

    images bilibili tv wiki borgen
    Bilibili tv wiki borgen
    I'm a sysop from the latter and we have an article on Rome Viharo that documents more about his harassment against Wikipedians.

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    Could you unblock the page, please? Retrieved 30 July Episodes Seasons.

    You can build your own forms. Links to the new Chinese Wikiversity zhwikiversity can be made The logs of anonymized SPARQL queries are now available wikidata-edit now supports 'somevalue' and 'novalue' claims and qualifiers thus, wikidata-cli now also supports 'somevalue' and 'novalue' claims and qualifiers During Wikimania25 people attended to a workshop about Lexicographical data. Or is there a link to a disc?

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    1. Allegations of corruption in connection with military spending has consequences even for the prime minister's husband, who has accepted a new job.

    2. She's also become a very professional political being, but there is definitely that idealism, and that's important.