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A Mac Eye for the Windows Guy is your ticket to a smooth transition from Microsoft (M$) to an Apple experience.   I've got rants and Window's Insider and switcher tips that will make moving from the Dark Tower in Redmond over the Yellow Brick Road to Cupertino a snap and a blast! Mortgage payment calculator


Is your life "plug and get frustrated"?  Then Change it! We'll Help.

If you want to move from difficult to intuative, frustration to bliss (well almost?) then keep reading. This is the place for you if...

  • you aren't completely happy with your current computer
  • don't enjoy having to download security updates at least once a week
  • don't love having every virus known to man attack you
  • are always frustrated adding devices like printers or USB chips
  • have problems getting photos onto and edited on your computer, and
  • want to have the BEST compatibility for using the most popular MP3 player (yes, iPod!)


So, that means that you'd love an easy to use computer that made importing and editing photos fun, creating and burning your own movies a cinch and so much more - so - the look below and learn how to get on the road to switching to the Mac from the dominion of darkeness (otherwise known as Microsoft)!
How do you find out? Simple! It's all in our e-book A Mac Eye for the Window's Guy ©
Mac Eye for the Window's Guy © is not just any book - it's the definitive book about switching written by an IT guy, Windows and MS Office Advanced Instructor and long time Windows sufferer.


...Great idea!

Janice Kempf, Apple Authorized Business Agent (click on her name to find her)



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